Greg Johnson  

The Sober Success Specialist  

I work with high achieving athletes, artists, and professionals tired of destroying their lives with substances and negative behaviors,

who are finally ready to break free from the struggle of dependence so they may truly appreciate their success and fully love themselves.  

Are you successful in all areas of your life, except sobriety? We can help you change that.

Master the Art of Sobriety

How we help

Are you frustrated with trying to get sober over and over again but can't stop? If you're struggling with sobriety and want to finally live free from addiction, you can. Here's how we can help you do that.

A Program Designed for You

One to One VIP Mentoring. You need a way forward that's different from what you've been doing. Our Sober Success System will show you the way. Sobriety must be paramount in your life. Greg will show you how.

Group Facilitator

For the group experience. Greg is a Master Facilitator. His non traditional spiritual ways will get your attention and move you forward on the path of sobriety.... toward the life you long for that is alive within your heart.

Daily Mini Sessions

For accountability, caring, and the touch stone you need on your daily journey, Greg has created a unique system to help you every single day. Staying on track becomes easy...and do-able. You are not alone.

Do you feel worthless because you're destroying everything you've worked so hard to build... because you can't stay sober?

Let's redefine the future of you.

You can do this. You can have a life of sobriety. A life of joy and purpose. Take the first step here. And begin.


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Creating Ways That Work

I know what it takes to be sober. I've been where you are, and I've now been sober for 15 years. I know what to do, how to get there and I'll show you.

 Are you frustrated by not knowing why you can't stay sober?

Meet your new team. You, Greg, and God.

Take away the frustration and the stress of trying to stay sober by yourself. Let's talk about you, your future, and your possibilities. Schedule a time to chat.


Making Miracles

Here are some of the miraculous recoveries Greg has facilitated.

thankful for your insight....

Dear Greg: Where to start? You saw something in me the first group with you. I cannot say definitively what that was, but I am thankful for your insight into me. You took care with me – you backed off some days and pushed me on others. You allowed me to absorb at my own pace – this in turn allowed me my own realizations. That is a gift you have, my friend. You were thoughtful with your words – drawing me out –making me use my own brain to come to the conclusions your already knew yourself. Attending your groups was time well spent – you took my hand – not to drag me in – but to gently pull me along. I promise to keep in touch. Love, Steph

from the bottom of my heart....

Greg, From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you. You flip the script and have helped changed the narrative of my life by helping to show me God is my director. I used to just say I have God in my life, now I wholeheartedly FEEL I have God in my life. You’ve highlighted the value and importance of my spirituality. You’ve enlightened me. You’ve helped show me the potency of my prayer. The bottom line is you’ve helped me grow exponentially and for that I can’t explain how grateful I am. Your presence alone has been a glorious example of God working in my life. Your love is unconditional. Your aura is divine. Your spirit’s inexplicable. Greg, you redefine one of a kind. I love you immensely and I look forward to our paths crossing again. This isn’t goodbye; it’s simply, see you again soon. Your Truly, Zach P.

forever grateful....

Greg, My first session with you was in Malibu on a Saturday afternoon. I knew from the very start that this was special and could change my life, and you are a huge part of that. God truly speaks through you. Your actions and your heart are an absolute reflection of Him and for that I will be forever grateful. I was a bit intimidated by your energy at first, but I quickly realized I wanted what you had. I didn’t know what that was yet, but it was and is intoxicating (not in the way I used alcohol!). You made me believe that I deserved sobriety and the life that it could give me. The way you use your spirituality to guide me to discovering the way I feel, instead of telling me how I should feel, and letting me discover myself in depths, which I didn’t know even existed, is a gift. Reflecting on your message from previous weeks changed the way I perceived the world, God, and myself. Seeing you is always a bright light and I thank God on a regular basis for placing you in my life. I can’t wait to start my journey in recovery and I really hope you continue to be a part of it. Love, Daniel 

awesome and caring....

Dear Greg: The groups that you hold are some of the hardest, though I am saying this in the best possible way. They were certainly eye opening and sometimes a struggle. Especially at first, the spirituality was overwhelming, but now I completely understand how necessary my spirituality is to my sobriety. To be open and humble early on is extremely important. This I now know. Greg, you are so caring, loving, understanding, genuine, faithful, generous, compassionate, uniquely aware, and spiritual. All these traits and so much more make you the extremely humble Angel of God! I can see when God is reaching out to you and his voice is being carried through you. This truly is amazing that you are that in touch with God. This and so much more reminds me of my Mom. She shows unconditional love and selflessness every fucking chance she gets, just like you do. Thank you for how fucking awesome and caring you are. The deeper you get, the more you’ll get out of it. Love you Greg. – Angelo

changed my life....

Greg's groups have helped me change my life. My spiritual journey began the first time I sat in his group. He helped me tear down walls, blockages, disturbances from the past, reservations, and helped me fully surrender to the fact that I am an addict and an alcoholic. I value and cherish my spirituality now. I also value myself now, which was so hard to do in the past. Greg helped bring me into the light and brought me to the realization that my purpose is my life in and of itself. I am okay with me today. I have an understanding of what it means to be spiritual now. God is in me. God is in all of the other people around me. As long as I remain open-minded, willing, and honest, my spirituality will only grow. Greg helps me practice being spiritual every day. His groups have been inspiring, fun, deep, and has even helped me process deeply painful experiences from the past so I can move forward with no regret. He is a true blessing! Thank you so much! – Ryan H.  

I love myself today....

Greg, Thank you for the work you do to heal broken souls!!! Thank you so much for all that you do for us. Your ability to change lives is truly a gift from God. Each weekend experience with you has made a profound impact on my life. You have been a catalyst for change with my relationship to God. I now have a clear conception of what God means to me. I love myself today. Since working with you, the relationship with my father has not only been repaired, it is flourishing and highly functional. I remember the weekend when you helped me to see that my parents have always shown me devotion and unconditional love. Afterwords, I made a commitment to give my parents that same unconditional love in return. Not two hours later, God orchestrated a healing conversation with my father and I. It was truly a spiritual experience and it has led to an adult, man to man relationship with him. You have inspired me to crave recovery more and more, every single day. Your loving and kind nature is contagious. Your groups have had the most influence on me during my 10 weeks in treatment. With Love, Robert 

reopened my eyes from a long sleep....

Greg, As I began my journey here at treatment in Malibu your name came up in so many conversations and I was thinking to myself, “Yeah we will see ” if he is what they say, “He’s the best, you will so love him.” Well, I now agree that you are one of the most powerful beings here on this earth. Every session with you has helped me reopen my eyes from a long sleep and many bad dreams. My Heavenly Father has planned my life all along and waited for the most opportune time to put you into my life. Thank you so much for your authentic way of helping me prepare for my future by helping me realize that without my Lord and Savior, I would not be able to see the light. I love you to pieces. I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Yours Always, Danielle 

thank you for changing my life....

"I'm sitting here trying to find the right words to write that can measure up to what I feel and it's so hard. What words can I combine to accurately describe the change I feel inside of myself? And I mean deep, deep inside myself. This time I gave myself the priceless gift of willingness. That's the miraculous gift that anyone in your groups can give themselves. Because with that simple but powerful agreement, you gracefully meet us wherever we are, with your arms wide open. You are changing and saving lives, and I am fucking honored that you have touched mine. You hold our hands like a parent holding a stumbling toddler's hand, patiently guiding our wobbly legs into the safety and love of God's arms. Even when we fuss, fight, and scream, you stand unwavering, waiting to show us infinite love and infinite light. My yesterdays were so dark and isolated. My todays are filled with love, love, LOVE.... everywhere I turn! It's mind boggling how quickly my world changed when I just surrendered to the image of who God wants me to be. Faith, love, joy, trust, serenity, and peace. This is what and who I am. Who we all are - you are simply reminding us. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you for loving me through it." Love Always, Lexi 

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Greg, you are an angel......

Greg, You are an angel. An agent of God. An absolute blessing on my recovery and my life. You were the one who helped me back to the light and reopened me to God. I've truly seen myself and God working again in harmony. Without you, this wouldn't be possible. I will always be grateful for what you've taught me about God, spirituality, and myself.  

If it wasn't for you I'd still be a lost, helpless puppy in life. I love you. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. May God have you and hold you always. With Blessings, Ian  

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About Greg Johnson

The Sober Success Specialist. With his own life experience and unique style of motivational teaching, Greg helps those struggling with drug and alcohol sobriety to REMAIN sober after treatment. He speaks the language of Spiritual Recovery and knows how to connect with those in need of his message. He has over 1,000 hours of coaching, facilitating and speaking. His dynamic energy, which is both captivating and inspiring, transforms lives. Whether working with high level athletes, actors, and professionals or disenfranchised youth on the streets of Los Angeles, Greg's method and message is the same. Combining compassion, tough love and spiritual guidance, in his Spiritual Design for Successful Sober Living, Greg has a powerful formula for helping those struggling with sobriety to heal and thrive.  

"I have helped hundreds find their strength and their power, to help them acheive real transformation and remain on their path of sobriety." 

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